Discover the Colourful Culture of the United Arabian Emirates

Contrived of 7 diverse emirates, the Arabian Peninsula nation of the United Arab Emirates is situated along the Persian Gulf and claims a total of 83,600km² of land. With an abundance of extraordinary lifestyles within the nation, the humble yet exhilarating character of the UAE is home to unparalleled landscapes, distinctive cuisine and a colourful, welcoming culture.


Towering City Skylines
Several ethnic groups form the UAE’s kaleidoscopic culture, each bringing diverse tradition, character and culture. Arabic tattoos, or ‘Henna’ is one of the more famed historic practices, dating back to the bronze age of dyeing natural materials. Humble locals are thrilled to share their authentic culture, landmarks and temples, including the striking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dabi, standing at over 377ft. This incredible structure is enjoyed by those worshipping and those simply admiring the stunning design and its contrast to the emirate’s organic features, including a 700km stretch of coastline.

For more of a modern insight, Dubai is famed for its towering city skylines and its astounding shopping and nightlife. On December 2nd, this dynamic cityscape is accompanied by its fellow cities and emirates for the Peninsula’s National Day to celebrate the joining of the 7 emirates.


Tantilising cuisine
Traditionally, Emirati food predominantly consists of fish, rice, bread, preserved fruits, vegetables and meat, but this has expanded largely since the 1960s with imported foods. However, Arabic cuisine may still be enjoyed among the emirates, from traditional Arabic coffee to classic spiced and seasoned dishes such as Machoos and Fareeth.

The Emirati people are famously hospitable and feel thrilled to receive guests and socialise as you’re introduced to the amazing new flavours. This ethnic cuisine, typical to the Arabic culture is easily found amid international fast-food restaurants and worldly-know foods.


Resort living
Crisp, white and contemporary decor typically fashion the accommodation options and are a calm and refreshing contrast to the excitement of the urban streets of Dubai. Overlook the passers-by from your towering hotel room between days of awing at a city break with the climate of a Caribbean escape. Reside closer to the coast and embrace ultimate luxury accommodation as you stay in palaces, landmarks and all-suite resorts.

For a cultural experience of the UAE, Abu Dhabi showcases earthy tones within its resort accommodation and offers wide, sparkling pools, luscious palms and infinite natural landscapes; a complete contrast to that of Dubai. With a more traditional interior, these resorts are built with a grand design; large and luxurious and showcasing cool whites and warm golds.

Emirates Palace

Regardless of whether you wish to submerge yourself with the wonderful Arabian culture with a classic take or a contemporary retreat, the United Arabian Emirates offer a perfectly fitting escape. The UAE holds an exciting fusion of modern culture and ancient heritage, and our specialists are devoted to contriving your expertly and personally tailored escape from incredible experiences to luxury accommodation. Ask and you shall receive.

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