Uncover the Rose-Tinted Sands and Colourful Traditions of Bermuda

Picture the balmy waters of the Sargasso Sea as they lap gently on the shore, pastel coloured buildings that seem to glisten in the sun and a private picnic for two on an endless stretch of undisturbed beach. Travel to the land of brightly coloured shorts, where they are less beach wear more formal attire as you experience pristine pink sand and magnificent hidden coves, made for adventures. Discover Bermuda’s trademark translucent blue waters in a country with more coastline than it has mainland.

Indulge in Luxurious Resort Living
Unwind to pampering spa treatments that reinvigorate your senses as you sink in to the contemporary luxury of Bermuda’s many top-class resorts. Enjoy PADI-certified dives among fantastic coral reefs bursting with colourful fish and dramatic shipwrecks before reclining on long stretches of secluded sands, your every need taken care of by attentive staff. Indulge in mouth-watering gourmet delights prepared by award-winning chefs in atmospheric venues before watching the sun set over your bubbling private hot tub, champagne in hand.

Explore the Island
Discover a myriad of colourful sights to thrill and entertain as you revel in the peculiarity of giant toads in Paget Nature reserve. Luxuriate in the lavish yacht haven of Mangrove Bay and enjoy all of the entertainment that comes with it before lying back on the heavenly pink sands of the famous Elbow Bay in Paget. For more natural delights, uncover the splendour of a hidden treasure in Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave where the naturally azure pools reflect a spectacular ceiling of chandelier clusters and incredible formations.

Thrill in the colourful costumes, dances, stories & rhythmic drumming of traditional Gombey Dancing in a vibrant reflection of the islands blended African, West Indian, English & native American cultures which is taken to the streets during cultural festivities for a hair-raising ‘dance-off’. Schedule a private taxi tour for a unique taste of Bermudian culture or indulge in a novelty experience by hiring a scooter to start your own personal discovery of the island.  Choose one of the three main roads in Bermuda, North Shore, South Shore & Middle Road, all going from East to west, to discover the unique inspiration of Bermudian life, bursting at the seams with vibrancy.

Tantalising Cuisine
Reunite with the old British tradition of afternoon tea on an island of habitual afternoon tea drinkers as you encounter fine linens, silver tea sets and an eclectic mix of venues revelling in tradition in sumptuous surroundings. Check out Heritage Court inside of the Hamilton Princess in Hamilton City, noted by the New York Times for its elaborate afternoon tea, making it a must visit for any tea connoisseur. For those wanting to familiarise themselves with Bermudian cuisine, sample the national dish of Bermuda, Fish Chowder; a rich broth with vegetables, spices, a splash of black rum and sherry pepper sauce added at the table. Sample local Grouper for a tender fish dish frequently served alongside sautéed bananas, or indulge in a mouth-watering Rum Cake. Visit the Bermuda Rum Cake Bakery for one doused in the locally made Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, a tipple also found across the island in delights from the famous Bailey’s Ice Cream to the iconic Dark ‘N Stormy and Rum Swizzle cocktails.

Dive into the sparkling waters and uncover all the wonders Bermuda has to offer from luxury spa escapes to bucket-list adventures as you discover elegant resorts and boutique delights all washed down with classic Bermudan black rum. Allow our specialist advisers to create your dream escape as they match beautiful destinations to your own personal preferences.

Uncover a world of luxurious Bermudian escapes in our hand-picked collection of the very best and allow us to craft your idyllic getaway to sun-soaked shores that seem a world away.

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