Boutique Finds

Private beaches and hidden reading spots, a world of unparalleled luxury awaits you in an intimate selection of hotels bursting with character and the unique charisma attached to hideaways this small. Uncover a world of hand-picked stays as you voyage through one-of-a-kind discoveries and time-honoured classics, all with under 50 intimate rooms to retire to.

The Inn at English Harbour

A fantasy of swaying palm trees and azure waters, step into the quaint tranquillity of a boutique hotel available only to a select few. With only 28 rooms, the serene atmosphere of this escape is truly captured in the heavenly interiors of the suites, each sitting no more than 30 meters from the ethereal white sand beach. Daydream beside the shore in quiet tranquillity or discover a new hobby with a range of personalised programmes amidst a backdrop of towering vegetation and the beautifully landscaped National Park, this intimate resort is a must-see for beach lovers wanting to discover a hidden gem in Antigua.

The Caves

The very definition of boutique, unearth a tantalising escape carved into the magnificent rock face of Jamaica’s coastline. Explore hidden caves or experience the thrill of cliff diving as you sink in to the pampering treatments of top-class service and cliffside cottages in one of the most unique destinations of the Caribbean. Marvel at the astounding beauty of unique features and a personalised service only available at a resort of this size as you lounge in caves filled with hundreds of tiny lights for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hotel Esencia

For a cultural trip, plan your escape to a hotel originally built to satisfy the extravagant whims of a wealthy Italian duchess. Nestled upon the only undeveloped shore of the Mayan Riviera, where the pristine sands of the Xpu-ha merge with the majestic Yucatán jungle in an awe-inspiring oasis occupying 50 acres of tropical serenity. Uniquely combining modernity and classic charm, watch the sun rise as you stretch out with a calming yoga session focused on finding an inner sense of peace in an Edenic location.

Hermitage Bay

Indulge in the charms of 30 unique suites amid the tumbling hillsides and exquisite beachfront of Antigua’s west coast. With a core value of sustainability and locality, Hermitage Bay promises a solitary retreat that cares for both you and the environment. Savour the taste of dishes prepared from distinctly fresh ingredients grown in the hotel’s very own organic farm and unwind to the zen-finding allure of wellness guides and immersive experiences.


Family is a concept truly encapsulated in the values of Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa in the beautiful St. George’s, Grenada. A family run sanctuary, the small details such as breakfast served on your suite’s private balcony and beachside dining perpetuate the traditional romantic feel of the location whilst sleek accommodation leaves no desire unfulfilled in a hotel acclaimed as the best in the Caribbean.

Ladera Resort

Allow the inspiration of captivating views to frame your escape to one of the most enchantingly positioned resorts, with 37 eco-friendly private pool suites situated between the world-famous Pitons, the only resort in St. Lucia to do so. Encompassing exquisite furniture made on site by St Lucian artisans and an open wall concept that draws the astonishing views in to your room, encounter a boutique escape overflowing with unique and locally inspired features perched atop a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Laze on romantic swings as you dangle your feet into the warm waters of a pool beautifully situated to take in the enchantment of the breath-taking Pitons in a one-of-a-kind glimpse of one of the most photographed features of St. Lucia.

Immerse yourself in quaint perfection and leave mainstream holidays behind as you explore our exclusive range of boutique escapes, expertly selected for you by Xclusivity.

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