Discover the Exotic Luxury of the Far East

Discover a world of skyscrapers and magical greenery, blissful tranquillity and awe-inspiring temples as you voyage to the Far East and sample all of the delights to be found there. Uncover the serenity of luxurious resorts and peaceful city enclaves that seem worlds apart from the hustle and bustle that surround them. Traverse through tropical rainforest as you discover a myriad of colourful wildlife before retiring to the tranquil surroundings of hotels bathed in luxury and catering to your every need.


Formerly known as Siam, Thailand is a land of rich culture and unique experiences with a historical Buddhist culture that permeates into every aspect of being in a country adorned with dazzling temples and awe-inspiring shrines. Experience the soul-affirming serenity of one of the many monasteries or connect with nature as you explore spectacular islands and beautiful shorelines before diving in to the vibrant array of nightlife available in a celebration of diversity. Delve into all that Bangkok has to offer as you walk the halls of the magnificent Grand Palace and awe at the sights of emerald Buddhas and pointed spires in the official home of Siam’s royal family or explore picturesque Phuket with its nodding palm trees and the sheer cliffs that rise from the crystal waters of the famous Phi Phi Islands.


Allow the thrills of Malaysia to entice you as you awe at the heights of Langkawi, suspended in a cable car, dive into tranquil turquoise seas as you explore some of the world’s most captivating dive sites or ascend to the top of the world’s tallest twin skyscrapers to gaze out over the vibrant cityscape of Kuala Lumpur. Traverse through the ancient rainforests of Bornea as you discover intriguing carnivorous plants and a world of extraordinary wildlife. Unwind in the luxurious Gunung Raya Mountain Spa, perched atop the highest mountain in Langkawi as you bathe in breath-taking views of the surrounding rainforest and marvel at sights of great hornbills, magnificent flying foxes and intriguing leaf monkeys, to name but a few.  Discover rural villages and captivating legends in a world of intrigue and excitement before lounging in pampering tranquillity beside endless infinity pools and enchanting powdered beaches as you marvel at the vast array of elegant architecture and beguiling natural sights.


Discover the surprisingly green skyline of Singapore as it sits against the backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Singapore Botanic Gardens. Thrill at the heights of the world’s largest indoor waterfall before traversing through the numerous colourful side streets leading to the unique neighbourhoods that merge modernity with tradition in beautiful style. Sample mouth-watering delights in the eclectic Chinatown, before exploring historic Dempsey Hill with its enticing eateries or voyaging through the art deco enclave that is Tiong Bahru. Find your own secret enclave within the vibrant cityscape in striking sanctuaries nestled within acres of lush greenery and serene pools yet perfectly placed to indulge in all of the thrills and excitement Singapore has to offer.

Hong Kong

Plunge into the history of Hong Kong as you venture through sprawling country parks, ride on an eclectic double-decker tram or find your zen in one of many majestic temples. Lunch on must-try delicacies before immersing yourself in the colourful atmosphere of the many street markets such as the Tung Choi Street market, also known as the Ladies’ Market.  Revel in the magic of Honk Kong Disneyland or catch a cable car over the bay to Ngong Pink Village, a culturally themed wonderland featuring panoramic vistas of Lantau Island and beyond.

Delight in the expolosion of colour that is the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple as you join with a myriad of Hong Kong society to have your fortune told or to offer up a prayer. Lounge in atmospheric old-world tea houses or capture the magic of the gardens of the Chi Lin Nunnery in Kowloon as it contrasts with the breath-taking skyscrapers that tower above. Marvel at rainbow-coloured high-risers or delight in Tung Choi Street’s Goldfish Market with its exotic array of species before exploring the comforts of high-tech hotels that combine extreme luxury with classic touches to compliment the jaw-dropping panoramas. For a truly magnificent view, plunge in to Four Seasons Hong Kong’s open-air infinity pool as you take in breath-taking vistas of the vibrant cityscape and the magnificent harbour.

Our specialist travel advisers are experts in finding the perfect holiday for you, be it atmospheric Singapore or colourful Thailand, and have handpicked the most luxurious escapes designed for the ultimate getaway. Discover your own handmade adventure created for the most discerning of tastes and find your very own slice of paradise in the Far East.

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