Unearth Cultural Europe

Discover hidden coves bursting with romance as you leave the only footprints on a secluded beach, explore historic castles and quaint market towns overflowing with life, as you contemplate colourful trinkets and mouth-watering aromas and experience unmatched luxury in breath-taking resorts designed for you. Unearth the cultural melting pot that is Europe as you dip in to picturesque scenery and tranquil waters and sample the historic delights it has to offer.

A land of contrasts, bask in the truly diverse nature of unique islands and breath-taking regions as you explore a destination bursting with culture. Uncover the dazzling yachts and high-class resorts of Puerto Banús and the historic cobbled streets of Old Town Marbella. Discover the home of the Infanta Catalina at the majestic Alhambra in Granada or the breath-takingly magnificent sheer drops of the bridges of Ronda. Uncover the colourful delights of flamenco and bubbling beachfront towns bursting with life. Visit the elaborate home of many of the sets of Game of Thrones and sample some delicious regional tapas as it becomes an art form.

Bathe in the rich culture that housed the famous Romans and is now home to a number of World Heritage Sites. Unearth ancient colosseums whilst sampling legendary gelato in one of the most romantic countries on earth. Soak in the atmosphere of a gondola ride as you wade through Venice’s iconic waterways to the musical sounds of your guide before discovering Byzantine mosaics in cultural Sicily. Luxuriate in the elaborate seduction of Sardinia’s elite hotels as you admire the rugged landscape or discover the smoking craters of Mount Etna as you explore the fascinating palimpsest of Sicily, taking in Baroque palazzos, Greek Temples and Norman churches aplenty.

Experience unending clear blue skies and golden beaches as you traverse breath-taking cliff formations and some of the best sunsets of mainland Europe. Meander through historic cobbled streets and dramatic walled towns before allowing the magical hilltop castles to transform you to a world of fairy tales and enchantment. Sample the mouth-watering delights of a Pastéis de Belém as you sit by the water contemplating the dreamy architecture and colourful life that surrounds you or visit the spectacular number of UNESCO World Heritage Sights the country boasts. Whatever you choose, Portugal is a wonderland of unexpected sights and homes some of the friendliest locals you will find in Europe.

Bask in the mythical birthplace of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, as you traverse the craggy heights and beautiful beaches of a country that continues to captivate travellers year after year. Savour the taste of a myriad of sweet treats flavoured with almonds, rose water and pistachios or, settle down to a steaming cup of Cyprian coffee before taking in the heavenly sights of a salt lake or crumbling castle or finding peace in an ancient monastery. Dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea as you discover atmospheric shipwrecks, volcanic formations and hidden caves before returning to a stylish resort to tell the tale, bathed in the luxuries of a five-star escape.

Often called the cradle of civilisation, Greece is a thrilling combination of striking black sands and magnificent architecture.  Discover the striking colossus and unmatched history of Rhodes or explore the 15th century Neratzia castle of Kos before lounging on one of the many beaches of the Greek islands and soaking up the Grecian sun. Visit the mythological birthplace of Zeus, the king of Gods as you explore the white mountains of Crete before sampling succulent olives, rich wines and the freshest olive oils in a culinary adventure led by the master chefs of the spectacular array of resort dining available.

Find your own European adventure as you traverse through captivating landscapes, and historic excursions or simply relax, drink in hand as you admire the view from your luxurious terrace and overlook a world of culture. Xclusivity advisers bring the world to you as they hand pick the most luxurious of escapes in the most distinguished destinations, why not let them bring your dream escape to life?

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