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A land with more coastline than you could ever need, Antigua has been a refuge for buccaneers and admirals alike, beguiling travellers for centuries with its whirlwind of experiences paired with a whole host of enchanting scenery. From its vast coral reef teeming with kaleidoscopic varieties of underwater life, to the powder-white sands and crystallised waters of the shoreline, Antigua’s waters are an Instagrammer’s haven offering endless sights and nooks to unwind in.

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Atmospheric Sights

An abundance of historical forts and properties harken to the island’s colonial past whilst the famous Shirley Heights offers unparalleled views from a former military lookout with a lively atmosphere to match, head there on a Sunday for some of the island’s best party bands and the mouth-watering smells of the barbecue.  In operation since 1745, Nelson’s Dockyard is an extensively-restored Georgian-era marina with items on display from Nelson himself and a well-deserved UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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Beguiling Waters

Packed with candy-coloured villages filled with smiling faces and the sounds of calypso music, steel drums and reggae, Antigua offers a world of ever-changing vistas and lush green expanses. For those whose interests are more sea-based, Antigua showcases some of the most captivating dive sites in the world, the atmospheric Andes wreck topping them as an exploration of three sunken ships from the 1900’s which now lie wrapped in fascinating sea life. For those wanting a truly one-of-a-kind experience, a stingray adventure awaits as visitors get up-close-and-personal with non-stinging Southern rays off the east coast.

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Endless Beaches

Rumoured to be the home to 365 beaches, there is one for every day of the year and no shortage of sandy stretches of beach to find your perfect spot for those long sun-soaked days. With its long history of sailing, it’s no wonder that Antigua is still the place to be for sailing adventures, its turquoise water’s beckoning even the most reluctant of travellers and with snorkelling and diving spots alike, even beginners can witness the beguilement’s of Antigua’s underwater life for themselves as they make a splash in serene bath-like waters.

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