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Home to some of the most photographed sites in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is a haven of tropical greenery and abundant foliage with a kaleidoscope of exotic life inhabiting its rain forests. From historic plantations to boutique resorts showcasing the utmost in luxury living, here are a few reasons we have fallen in love with this captivating country.

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Heart-Stopping Views at Every Turn

Journey to the land of tumbling hills aching in overgrown rainforests, plunging valleys and rising peaks alive with the exotic sounds and smells that befit a tropical paradise. Lounge amid idyllic scenery and picturesque beaches before taking a dive in a sea so clear it almost seems too good to be true. For some of our favourite views, head to the only resort situated on the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ladera Resort. Boasting all-encompassing views at every turn and tranquil swing seats suspended over your own personal plunge pool, the resort is truly a once-in a lifetime immersion into the captivating atmosphere of St. Lucia.

The Famous Pitons

The pinnacle of picture-worthy sights, the St. Lucian Pitons form a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an iconic landmark over the balmy waters of St. Lucia and the area is widely considered to be one of the best views in the Caribbean. For a truly invigorating excursion, local guides offer hikes to the summit of the larger piton where heart-stopping views await for those who have made the ascent. Make your base at a resort conveniently located just a short water taxi ride away from the Gros Piton  as you follow the expert guides of Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort and enjoy a locally-based post-hike meal served up by Chef Esnard.

Discover the majestic Pitons with Xclusivity

Once-in-a-Lifetime Pursuits

Zip-line above endless vistas of ancient rainforest or experience it on two wheels as you explore ethereal sugar and lively banana plantations before stopping to sample a treat from a nearby cocoa plantation. Scale the majestic pitons as you reach new heights and breathe in the mesmerising views before heading out to interact with the local life living beneath the waves, stopping at an uninhibited island along the way for a secluded picnic upon the sand St. Lucia offers a wonderland of exciting past-times just waiting to be discovered.

Discover the majestic Pitons with Xclusivity St. Lucia

Escape to the luxurious serenity of St. Lucia for yourself as you enjoy the pampering delights of the one-of-a-kind resorts hand-picked by the experts here at Xclusivity.

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