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A nation of vibrant cultures and captivating sights, Mexico’s shores are a haven of spotless beaches paired with luxurious resorts. Venture further afield and the ruins of ancient cultures invite you to explore, whilst beguiling underground cenotes beckon you in for a swim. This is Mexico and it is as intriguing as it is exciting. Read on for our definitive guide to this incredible nation.

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A Colourful Culture

A hypnotic blend of Mesoamerican cultures, Mexico has an abundance of ways to celebrate its ancestry. Those visiting in March will be rewarded with a glimpse of the Festival de México in all of its splendour. Nothing quite beats experiencing the famous Die de Muertos first-hand and the brightly coloured characters that dance along the streets in celebration. From battle reenactments to a festival celebrating the patron saint of musicians, there is a festival for everything in Mexico, each as fascinating and exciting as the last.

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Be it fiery of flavourful, Mexican cuisine boasts mouth-watering tastes and a variety of flavours, crafted from age-old recipes with a modern flair. Food in Mexico is the language of local heritage. So, if you are sinking you teeth into a tasty burrito or crunching down on a taco, you can know that the taste will be unique to the area and made with passion. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a glass of tequila for good luck.

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Unparalleled Sights

Journey to Mexico for some enthralling sights of the ancient world. The Mayan culture is as prevalent now as ever with a plethora of sites to wander through across this beguiling nation. Head to the Yucatán to visit the world-famous pre-Hispanic city of Chichen Itzá. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the spot has a wealth of things to explore and is well worth the visit. Nature doesn’t hold back in Mexico either with some of the best beaches and dive sites in the world to explore, there is even the chance to scale a dormant volcano during your visit.

Journey away from the beaches to Mexico’s rugged interior and the whirlwind of natural sights that inhabit it. The famous Xplor & Xcaret park offer a canopied wonderland and the chance to zipline across it all. Past that, the nation is peppered with a world of spectacular waterfalls, underground cenotes and more to discover.

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One of a Kind Luxury

Whether it be brand new suite categories from the Excellence collection, the out-of-this-world delights of Banyan Tree Mayakoba of the wellness personified experience of Unico 20°87°, Mexico offers the very height of luxury resort experiences with world-famous service ensuring a serene stay. Why not experience the tranquillity of an over-water bungalow, perched out over the turquoise waters below. Palafitos Overwater Bungalows offer a thatched roof dream alongside everything from the traditional Mayan practices of the spa to personal butler service.

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