14 Reasons Why You Need to Experience a European River Cruise

Here’s all the reasons why you should definitely be thinking about a European river cruise this summer. 

Image from the top deck of a European river cruise ship
Experience the best of the continent from the top deck of a luxurious European river cruise

There’s never been a better time to get out and explore the continent on an amazing European river cruise

Our collection of incredible Uniworld Cruises are waiting to whisk you off to some of Europe’s most scintillating cities.

In this blog we’ll introduce you to Uniworld and go through some of the reasons why you need to book a cruise before you… ahem… miss the boat. Sorry. 

What is a Uniworld European River Cruise?

Offering unforgettable adventures like chocolate tasting in Antwerp and after-hours tours of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Uniworld River Cruises offer a boutique and completely unique way to glide along some of the most incredible waterways in the world. 

Now, with our awesome offers available on their river cruise holidays, you can explore the most iconic cities on the continent for one hell of a price. 

But what makes these boutique cruises so unique? Well, we have 14 great reasons for you

14 Reasons to Climb Aboard

  1. Iconic interior design
  2. On-board fitness centre
  3. On-board pool
  4. Ship spa
  5. Comfortable cabins
  6. Specially curated dinner menus
  7. Dazzling destinations
  8. Incredible excursions
  9. Upgraded adventures
  10. Enchanting artwork
  11. Expert insights
  12. Take the family
  13. Go green
  14. Views of the most beautiful rivers in Europe

1. Iconic Interior Design

Unlike any other cruise you’ve ever been on, read about, heard of or seen on social media. Uniworld’s collection of incredible vessels come packed to the top deck with upgraded interiors. 

From the Murano glass and Fortuny fabrics of S.S. La Venezia on the Venice & The Gems of Northern Italy cruise, to the artworks and gilded furniture of S.S. Catherine on the Burgundy and Provence trip.

  • Fortuny fabrics
  • Picture-perfect views
  • dinner table views
  • Restaurant on board
  • Bar areas
  • Bar Du Leopard
  • eye-catching designs

2. On-Board Fitness Centre

In addition to those exquisite interiors, Uniworld’s fleet of super ships also boast stellar on-board fitness facilities. Take your pick of anything from treadmills through to resistance machines, for a good workout on the river.

Although the included excursions aren’t too physically taxing, it’s always best to stay in top shape. But we’ll talk more about those awesome adventures shortly.  

Fitness centre
State-of-the-art fitness centres on board

3. On-board Pool

On the other hand, if you prefer your physcial activity to have more of an aquatic theme, look no further than the on-board pool.

Many of the ships in the collection include a pool, located just off the main bar. 

However, aboard the luxurious S.S. Bon Voyage, you can relax in the only infinity pool on the European rivers. The opulent pool is available on the Soleil Deck as you glide along the itinerary of the Brilliant Bordeaux trip

  • Infinity pool
  • S.S. Marie Theresa on the Venice & The Gems of Northern Italy
  • Indoor pool on cruise ship

4. Ship Spa

But the opulence of these cruises don’t stop with the odd top-deck infinity pool. When we say these ships are like floating hotels, we absolutely mean it.

For example, on what other river cruise holiday could you kick back in a luxurious on-board spa? Spend your time while travelling between stunning ports relaxing and recuperating with a soothing treatment before getting ready to explore again. 

Another great way to make use of the spa is to book in an indulgent treatment for when you return after an excursion.  

Serenity River Spa aboard the Uniworld Cruises
Serenity River Spa

5. Comfortable Cabins

While we’re on the subject of indulgence, we have to talk about the rooms. The luxurious nature of these ships don’t start and end when you step out of your cabin. Opulent design touches penetrate your room too. 

Each cabin boasts exquisite river views and you have the opportunity to rest your head, after a busy day of exploring, on a Savoir® Bed. You also have the option to upgrade your cabin to a Deluxe, French Balcony or Suite.

With that upgrade you’ll be able to add an array of bonus benefits including the added luxury of a balcony to rest on while you watch the continent go by. 

  • Cabin
  • Cabin living area
  • Cabin on  S.S. La Venezia
  • Cabin on S.S. Maria Theresa
  •  Savoir beds
  • Travel Europe in style

6. Specially Curated Dinner Menus 

We have many European river cruise deals available. But on each trip you’ll find a stunning menu which has been lovingly curated by top chefs from the continent. 

The on-board menu in each ship’s elegant selection of restaurants is designed to showcase incredible ingredients from the destinations you’re visiting. This flexible and immersive approach is designed to ensure every dish is served at the peak of seasonality. 

In addition, don’t miss the lavish welcome and farewell feasts, headed by the captain. Plus, champagne and mimosa accented breakfasts. What a way to start the day!

chef creating a dish in the on-board kitchen
Menus curated by top chefs

7. Dazzling destinations

But, we can talk to you about how great the ships are until we’re blue in the face, we all know the main attractions on these trips are the incredible destinations. 

With trips available stopping off in superb cities like Venice, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, plus many more. There’s sure to be a location to suit your tastes. 

Spend some time getting to know these beautiful tourism hotspots and find out why they’re so popular. Appreciate classical music in its spiritual home of Vienna, gaze over kaleidoscopic fields of flowers in the Keukenhof Gardens and taste perfect pomme frites or marvel at pure diamonds in Antwerp.

8. Incredible Excursions

However, the best part of a European river cruise is being able to get out and explore those dazzling destinations for yourself. Each of these incredible trips offers a different insight.

For example, while the Burgundy trip we mentioned earlier might be a slice of heaven for foodies, classical music buffs will enjoy the Enchanting Danube trip. With it’s opera house visits and tours of Vienna including private Mozart and Strauss concerts.  

9. Upgraded Adventures

That being said, though, we know you can’t please all of the people all of the time. So, you also have the option to pay extra to head out on upgraded tours which aren’t included on the standard itinerary. 

On the Tulips and Windmills cruise from Amsterdam to Antwerp, you have the option to pay extra to visit the National Liberation Museum, the birthplace of Johannes Vermeer and have an extended tour of Antwerp.

The Brabo Fountain in Grote Markt, Antwerp
Explore incredible Antwerp in more detail. Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash

10. Enchanting Artwork

Sure, trips out to places like Venice and Arles will place artworks by the masters under your nose. But you don’t to go off walking to find keen art during these luxury river boat cruises. 

Each ship in the Uniworld fleet is bedecked with fine arts. From pictures adorning the walls and Murano glass sculptures standing regally in the reception areas, through to furtniture in your cabin. Culture and finery will follow you everywhere you go.

  • Murano glass
  • artworks

11. Expert Insights

Another thing that makes those included activities and excursions special, are the expert commentaries.

Uniworld have worked to bring together a host of guides to not only educate you on the sights you’re seeing, but to also bring them to life with their passion and knowledge.

Some trips even include on-board masterclasses and talks from these learned souls. 

12. Take the family

All this talk of classical music, artwork, food and drink might lead you to think these trips are strictly an adults-only deal. 

However, on cruises like that of Venice & The Gems of Northern Italy, there are actually a range of excursions available in the Generations Programme which have been specially curated for families.

From exciting magic island scavenger hunts through to treat teasting in Chioggia. These adventures are perfect for teaching your kids a little more about the wonders residing Europe, while simultaneously keeping them in wide-eyed wonderment. 

Take the family on a European adventure
Why not take the family on your cruise. Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

13. Go Green 

Meanwhile, excursions like plastic fishing in Amsterdam emphasise the cruise company’s commitment to sustainable travel.

Hop aboard the PlasticWhale, a boat made of recycled plastics, around the city’s famous canals. Then you’ll use your net to start pulling plastic from the waterways. The collected waste will be recycled to make furniture and more plasctic-busting barges like the one you’re on. 

It’s all part of Uniworld’s MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® campaign, which is designed to give us the chance to directly impact the destinations you visit in a positive way. 

14. Famous Views

Last but not least, we can’t talk about the best European river cruises around with mentioning the famous waters you’ll be exploring. 

From the Danube, to the Rhine, the Po River, as well as the Rhône and Saône. And that’s not even mentioning the iconic waterways of Amsterdam and the floating city of Venice. 

Uniworld cruise ship sailing along the Danube
Enjoy enchanting vistas from your window

Climb Aboard in 2022

With our latest offers available across all these incredible trips, there really has never been a better time to get your European river cruise odyssey booked in. 

Click the button below to shop the Uniworld collection and choose which exquisite area of Europe you’ll explore first.  

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