Lounge on the #1 Beach in the World

A haven of year-round sun and snow-white sands, the Turks & Caicos have long attracted those in search of captivating waters and the delights that go alongside them but one of its most well-known beaches has recently scooped the top spot and been named the number one beach in the world. The sights of the famous mile-long beach of Grace Bay offer a dream of silky sands and a long coral reef rich with colourful aquatic life whilst its accompanying delights offer a truly indulgent stay in the playground of Instagram globetrotters and those in the know.

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Celebrity Hangouts

From Hollywood heartthrobs to royal guests, our collection of resorts offer the ultimate in high-class living and the chance to holiday like a celebrity in some of the most exclusive destinations around the world. Stay in the home of a renowned author or member of an iconic band or lounge in an instagrammer’s paradise, waited on hand and foot with a dedicated beach-side service. These resorts offer it all and more, read on for some of our most exclusive locations attracting some of the biggest stars.

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