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Discover Gulf culture in the vibrant hub of Abu Dhabi, where modern culture and exceptional hotels live alongside museums that celebrate Emirati heritage. Walk through the dhow harbour, collect trinkets from the local markets, and marvel at the record-breaking sites that define this Middle-Eastern metropolis.

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Abu Dhabi

Vibrant with colour and life, Antigua is a quaint and humble island centred in the heart of it’s sister Leeward Islands within the West Indies. A vast coral reef, rich with sea life, protects the powder white and crystal blue outskirts of the island and offers calm waters for swimming, snorkelling and sports, as well as diverse landscapes throughout the country, ranging from endless green expanses and historic relics for miles of stunning and ever-changing vistas.

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Spread among over 100,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, there coral-based archipelago of the Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands and 2,400 cays, fashioning exciting and unfrequented terrain. Large-scale luxury resorts are situated in the north of the Bahamas and offer an opulent Caribbean retreat where magnificent diving, sporting and hiking opportunities await among relaxing facilities and tranquil beaches.

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Capturing the unprecedented diversity of its incredible landscapes amongst luxury all-inclusive escapes, Barbados merges the gorgeous white sand, blue sea and lush vistas with a sophisticated and high-end way of life. Holidaymakers are drawn to this incredible destination by its vast beaches and clear waters; a quintessential vision of a Caribbean retreat.

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Immerse yourself in the crystal waters and picture-perfect sights of Sandys, laze among the pristine pink sands and exotic wildlife of Paget, discover the sights of Bermuda’s capital city Hamilton or dive amid breath-taking coral and relax on pristine beaches in Southampton Parish. Whatever your choice, Bermuda offers a range of colourful sights and experiences that wont leave you short of things to do.

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Uncover the birthplace of Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love and beauty in a destination that has been the inspiration for travellers for hundreds of years. Situated at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa Cyprus offers a mosaic of cultures and historic sites dating from a number of different ages. Discover rural villages and UNESCO classified World Heritage Sites as you explore an island steeped in diverse experiences.

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Known for their warm and hospitable community, the Dominican Republic is a destination bursting with superlatives, featuring a bounty of natural mountains, fascinating colonial architecture, and rich culture. Wild and verdant, with coves, waterfalls, and awe-inspiring views, there's a cornucopia of things to explore, here. Savour authentic spicy cuisine, embrace the Spanish flare, and walk cobbled streets. The Dominican Republic is a welcoming, exuberant Caribbean gem for all types of Holidaymaker alike.

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Dominican Republic

Dubai has erupted onto the centre stage of commerce from the humblest of beginnings, creating a breeding ground for world-leading luxury hotels and high-class shopping. Sample some retail therapy, dine on the planet's finest cuisine and discover urban curiosities that can only exist in Dubai. Short city escapes and multi-centre adventures have flourished in Dubai, and a stay here is like sampling a buffet of global culture.

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Visit the birthplace of modern society and the home of legends as you voyage through the dramatic black sands of Santorini or the thrilling site of the ancient Olympic Games, Olympia. Uncover the homes of an exciting line of individual gods as you sample mouth-watering cuisine and laze in the liquid sun with breath-taking views at every turn. Discover thousands of islands scattered throughout the stunning Aegean and Ionian seas before venturing to one of Europe's oldest capital cities, majestic Athens.

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Grenada, a place where untouched beauty meets warm, content people with a simple way of life. And it's not called Spice Island for nothing, you can honestly semm the nutmeg in the air. This small island ofers a lifestyle so pure and authentic, it's refreshing. Grenada's volcanic origin has created a landscape of great beauty and variety, the perfect backdrop for an A-class romantic getaway. Silky stretches of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and unspoilt landscapes undiscovered by the mass. Explore the natural splendor of an exotic, unspoiled hideaway.

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Few cities in the world can claim as much to offer as Hong Kong. Gleaming skyscrapers, neon-lit streets, glassed-in restaurants and chic bars meet steep mountains and deep seas. Here, you're never short of things to discover. Uncover glimpses of Asian old-world tranquillity among rustic walking trails, incense-wreathed Taoist temples and polished hotel lobbies serving afternoon tea in typical English style.

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Hong Kong

Italy's unmistakable boot shape makes it one of the most distinguishable countries on the map, wrapped in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Alongside extraordinary cuisine, escapes to Italy serve up beautiful scenery, striking towens and ancient sights on tap. No matter which part of the boot you head for, you'll unearth fantastic food, fine wines and a healthy dose of la dolce vita. Home to an innumerable number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a prominent landmark in the world of fashion, and celebrated for its wine and cuisine, it is easy to understand why it is one of the world’s most preferred tourist destinations.

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From the stunning, rugged landscape of the Ocho Rios and Blue Mountain region on the east side of the island, to the peaceful beaches on the north and the lively capital city of the south, Jamaica is as diverse as it is lively. Ideal for those looking to completely relax in a laidback atmosphere, or branch out and discover their adventurous side, it can all be found at this wondrous, culturally historic destination. Iconic in many ways, it is one of those places we recommend seeing for yourself, as you truly will be delighted at all it has to offer.

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Uncover captivating cityscapes and wild jungles hosting remote tribes and spectacular wildlife. Discover unique islands surrounded by turquoise sea and teaming with swaying coconut trees and jungle-clad hills as you traverse through paddy fields and lounge on powdered sand beaches before exploring the hidden gems of some of the world’s most enticing diving spots. Soar over the heights of Langkawi in suspended cable cars or discover the colonial architecture and misty tea plantations of Kuala Lumpur, framed against the backdrop of elegant skyscrapers and colourful stall-lined streets.

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Mauritius has an otherworldly essence to its wildlife that's unique in the world, let alone amongst Indian Ocean destinations. Whales, dolphins, monkeys and giant tortoises all call Mauritius home, imbibing the landscapes with a sense of prehistoric mysticism unlike any other long-haul escape. Coupled with some of the world's leading resorts, ranging from boutique hideaways to grand luxury, Mauritius sees the Old World, the New World and times before memory coalescence into an island nation even greater than the sum of its parts.

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Mexico is a cultural crossroads, fed by historical strands from Mesoamerican cultures, Spanish traditions and contemporary arts. Explore everything from archaeological sites to eco-adventures and 81 miles of coastline that unfolds itself along Mexico's Caribbean coast. This huge country has some of the world's most colourful cities, renowned historical sites, and sophisticated fine dining. Wherever you go, you'll get a warm, friendly welcome, and perhaps a shot or two of tequila. Immerse yourself in ancient history, modern luxury, and exquisite natural beauty.

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Highly regarded as the Jewel of Arabia, Oman is the most traditional country and is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes featuring rugged mountain ranges, vast deserts and quiet white sand beaches. Enjoy trekking, cave exploration and rock-climbing. Visit traditional Omani villages including visiting the cosmopolitan capital of Muscat, blending a traditional seafaring heritage with the modern in the form of contemporary buildings. Marvel at one of Oman's many palaces, forts, museums and mosques that reflect Oman's cultural heritage as one of the oldest civilisations on the Arabian Peninsula.

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A myriad of cobblestone streets, hilltop castles, vineyards and dramatic walled towns Portugal is a haven for culture seekers and beach lovers alike. Play at royalty in the magnificent palaces of Belém or capture the perfect sunset at Cabo de Sáo Vicente, there is a breath-taking experience to suit any temperament in one of the Europe’s oldest extant nations. Find the birthplaces of adventurers and discover ancient kingdoms in the diversity of a country bursting with friendly faces and picture-perfect sights.

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Each of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles exudes an undeniable utopian essence quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Everything here reads from the textbook for paradise: crystalline waters, powder-fine sands, tropical greenery and primal blue-green colours wash over every inch of the Seychelles. Turtles, tortoises and whale sharks are just some of the natives that call the Seychelles home, all of which coexist harmoniously with ultra-luxurious hotels. Honeymooners have flocked to the Seychelles for many turns, and one look at the photos is all the reason you need to follow suit.

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A unique island city state sitting just off southern Malaysia, Singapore has thrilled and delighted visitors for years. A melting pot of cultures, the city is as distinct as it is architecturally fascinating. Discover smoky Chinese temples and heart-racing skyscrapers lying in harmony with one another in a discovery of unique and varied delights.

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The land of flamenco and tapas awaits with a myriad of exciting discoveries. Thrill in the delights of flamenco in Andalucía or revel in the bohemian atmosphere of the Balearic Islands and discover secluded islands and bubbling beachfront towns in a variety of colourful destinations bursting with life.

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Lush landscapes and luxurious resorts had earned the archipelago of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines a reputation for uncomplicated, unpretentious escapes. The term "idyllic" is never far from mind, with the lay of the land ranging from jungle-clad mountainsides to breeze-kissed central-Caribbean waters. Excursions around the Tobago Cays open up a world of rural Caribbean charms, and the islands' calibre of hotel is simply unmatched. Extraordinary holidays are written deep within the narrative of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, and you're the main character.

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St Vincent & The Grenadines

Natural beauty is profuse in the Caribbean, but St. Lucia holds the mantle as the region’s most spectacular destination. An emerald blanket spreads over much of the island, covering plunging valleys and rising peaks in lush rainforest. Experience an exotic lift to all of your senses, St. Lucia is truly alive with the sights, sounds and smells of a tropical paradise. Turquoise waters, sugar-sanded beaches, colourful flowers and champagne sunsets mould the serene scenery of this idyllic Caribbean island, and combined with some of the finest resorts on the planet, it moulds into a luxury destination.

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St. Lucia

Thailand is vast in ways that are hard to encapsulate in words. Most long-haul destinations can boast the golden hues of sand and sunshine, but few have the precious pearlescence of temples, religions and ceremonies found in Thailand. Variety isn't just a description for Thailand; it's the backbone of its culture. Traditions, flavours, architecture and philosophies mingle together, forming one of the most dynamically colourful nations in the long-haul holidaymaker's repertoire.

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Few places look better in real life than they do in the brochures, but The Maldives were never atolls to conform. Each seascape and beachfront looks lifted from a movie screen, with the added thrall of the scents and textures of a real world paradise. 26 atolls make up The Maldives, and each island has its own personality, ranging from sequestered boutique escapes to luxury all-inclusive hideaways. Leave your worries behind with a foray into the Indian Ocean.

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The Maldives

Visit the land of pirates and adventures as you traverse through pristine seas and take in the local wildlife in your very own island paradise. Dive down magical underwater walls as you interact with a multitude of sea life in one of the best diving locations in the world.

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Turks & Caicos